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I am a destination wedding florist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Being a floral designer has allowed me many opportunities to travel the world and explore other cultures, design weddings and shop! I have always had a love and passion for the beauty of eras past. On my travels I would pick up small antiques & heirlooms and soon a simple collection grew into a larger collection. My floral studio may look like a small antique shop on some days! But I am happy to share some of my finery for sale now that has led me to the creation of Hemingway Shop. My online shop has an interest geared towards finds for artists and creatives in the wedding industry and sure to expand soon.

I was raised by my grandmother in the south and was surrounded by her collection of victorian antique furniture, porcelain vases, silverware and china. She would bring out her best china

and silver every Sunday for lunch that she prepared for everyone after church. Her beautiful heirlooms and antiques were the most vivid memory of my grandmother that I remember as a child I can’t say that I was attracted to antiques as a young adult as I grew up and had my own home. I was always attracted to the sea so all my homes seemed to have a coastal theme going on. There were no antiques in site in my decor! I moved to Hawaii and the beach theme carried on for several years until I started traveling again and collecting small antiques and styling props for my floral business as I moved along my travels. I am a hugh lover of antique markets and brocantes and find them wherever I go. I can get lost for days on end!!

I think the very first antique pieces I bought were a set of 4 vintage Limoges salad plates with pretty scalloped gold edging and pink roses. I loved them so much that soon I had a hugh collection of vintage plates that just sat nicely labeled in boxes at my warehouse in Hawaii. I started renting out a few vintage plates, glassware & vessels for some of my intimate weddings in Honolulu and that is how I got my start with buying and now selling antiques.

I offer free shipping on all items purchased in the shop that ship within the United States. Coming soon to the shop ~ a rental shop with some of my designer bridal dresses, accessories & antique styling pieces in the collection.

Join me and stay up to date to see our new shop listings and the goings on in our floral studio in Hawaii on the island of Oahu ~

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